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                                ON THE POSSIBILITY OF USING M.WEBER’S SOCIAL ACTION THEORY                                            FOR ANALYZING CAUSES OF SOCIAL ANOMIE  


Vorobyov Vladimir Pavlovich, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, sub-department of public administration and regional sociology, Penza State University,

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316.282, 316.253 


The article analyzes the heuristic potential of M. Weber’s social action typology and the possibility to use it in comprehensive interpretation of the social Anomie theory. According to the author’s opinion, E. Durkheim’s Anomie theory can be explained on the basis of methodological individualism. In this case mass demoralization, typical for the period of rapid social changes, can be partly explained by the dissemination of value-rational type of social behavior. 

Key words

anomie, type of social behavior, rationality, instrumental rationality, value rationality. 

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